Thomas Brodie Sangster - Literal ball of sunshine.

I remember the last time, I dunno, I had a good…just a nice feeling. It was a couple of years ago, um, I was sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon, away from the tourists like literally on the edge of a rock with about a 200 foot drop, me and a best mate of mine and the sun was setting and we just made it there in time. The sun setted and it just shone through the whole of this Grand Canyon and the wind was coming up and would hit the wall and zoom up and just blow you in the face and it was just like…I often think back to that moment when I feel nervous for an audition or just feel like things have got on top of me and I’ve got too many things going on. At that moment I felt very true to me, I felt like me and nothing else, it was just me, and I felt like a little spec in a massive universe in the world, but at the same time I felt like a huge being. I just felt amazing and um, I dunno what it was, it was just a feeling and I hold onto that memory.

                      -Thomas Brodie Sangster (When asked about a memory he would never forget)

I absolutely love the thought of Thomas sitting on the edge of the World feeling infinite.